It takes a lot of courage to share,
your dreams and your cares.
The rewards are beyond compare,
when you open up and share.  Sharing always doubles the fun,
it is much better than, only one.
It is what friendship is about,
of that, I will never doubt.
Sharing changes a "me" into an "us".
For sharing is learning to trust.
Wishing upon the same star,
matters not if you're near or far.
Sharing is a pleasure to do.
I want to share with you.
When you share the same road,
sharing, lightens a heavy load.
Sharing is a blessing for two, or more.
It's even more awesome with forty-four.
Sharing is not only fun for you,
it is also the right thing to do.
It will always make you feel good.
It becomes a treasure, if you would.
Sharing is a wonderful thing to do,
especially when I'm sharing with you!

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